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2 for $80 Wednesday combo special
Included 1/2 hour foot massage & 1/2 hour body massage on each person


"Went in feeling stressed and tense, walked out totally relieved. Worth every penny.”
— Jenny


"AMAZING! I had soreness in my lower back and got a deep tissue massage from Grace. I left there with no pain. Everyone there is very nice. The atmosphere was relaxing and the facilities were very clean. Highly recommend!!!!”
— Lynn


"Destiny was awesome !!! My pain in my back was gone when I left. Walked in and had a 10 minute chair massage and then a 30 minute massage. Will definitely be back for a longer massage.”
— Joe


"Beverly Hills Massage is one of the best. Grace, gives me a deep tissue massage every two weeks and she is outstanding. Really, the best massages I have ever had.”
— Judith


"It’s great to have a such a professional and quality massage spa here in Gainesville. My sessions there have really helped my back and neck.”
— James B.


“They are very reasonably priced for the quality of massage received and incredibly convenient since they are located so close to Cresswind. My massages there have been extremely beneficial."
— Germaine M.


“Beverly Hills massage was an incredible and relaxing experience. Employees were very professional and friendly! They definitely cater to your needs. The atmosphere is very calm, peaceful and relaxing! Great escape! Way cheaper than going to an expensive island getaway.
I got the foot massage aka " reflexology" and it was AMAZING! I fell asleep. It's more of a whole body massage than a foot massage. Would definitely recommend."

— Mikaela


“My husband and I have received many massages from here since day 1. First of all we love the people, and second of all we love the price! The music is always perfect and adds to our overall experience!!!! Grace is the absolute BEST and really knows her way around a deep tissue massage. Can't wait to come back!"
— Beth


“My girlfriend and I have been here twice for a couples massage and it has been a great experience both times! The prices are amazing and the service is even better. We both look forward to going again."
— Carlos


“Been to this location twice already for a couples massage and my boyfriend and I absolutely love it! Very friendly and peaceful environment. Will continue to keep booking appointments here!"
— Cassandra


“I loved the massage I received here and the place was absolutely gorgeous, professional and clean. The service was great and prices are very reasonable."
— Victoria


“I’ve already received 2 foot massages here and I fell asleep during both of them - they were so relaxing! Very peaceful atmosphere and kind therapists."
— Rachel


“This massage business is awesome. The LMT's are very professional and the other staff are very friendly. If you want a great massage experience, this is the place to go!"
— Danielle


“Really glad a high quality spa has arrived in Gainesville near me. Great experience - I will be back!"
— Daryl


“The massage therapists are amazing!"
— Vivian


“I've done many massages in my life, but this one was amazing. I tried both the foot and the body and both were out of this world. I will definitely be back! Great to finally have something like this in north GA."
— Jake


“I have been here twice and it is SO amazing! From the moment I walked in I felt relaxed. The zen music was soft and essential oils smelt so good! Not to mention the great customer service I received from the lovely lady at the front desk, she helped me pick the right massage and best masseuse for me! I ended up getting a deep tissue massage by Grace both times and it was wonderful!! I highly recommend trying out Beverly Hills Massage! And the prices are great!!!! 5 Stars!!"
— Lindsey S.


“Great massage! The atmosphere is very quiet and smells amazing. If you're getting the foot massage, make sure to include the scrub for $10 more. It can't be beat for making your feet feel amazing! I will make this part of my beauty regimen every two weeks."
— Natasha C.


“This is the best place to go for a relaxing massage in Gainesville. The staff is friendly and the prices are great."
— Dan H.


“This massage place is awesome! The LMT's are great and the other staff is very friendly. If you want a nice relaxed place to go for a massage, this is the place to go. Not to mention the prices are good."
— Eli D.


“Most amazing massage ever!!! Staff was super professional, super knowledgeable and extremely gracious!!! Prices are so great, I tipped extra!!!!"
— Ann H.


“I had a foot massage on Saturday and it was fantastic!! The staff was very helpful and the massage itself very relaxing. I would recommend this spot and I will be back!!"
— Brooks G.